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Contributors: The Members of Lee High School Classes of 64-65-66 and Others
Boy, what a great week of participation by all of you. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us this week.

Please include your name and class year with your e-mail to me.
T. Tommy
Reunion Photo Fun
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Last Week's
Mystery Classmates
Reunion Photo Fun
This Week's
Mystery Classmate
Last Week's "Who Are You?"

Have been married and faithful to the same woman for over 31 years.

Raced BMX Cruiser (over 45) Class in the American Bicycle Association at age 48.

None other than...George Lehman Williams
This Week's "Who Are You?"

The Classmate voted to have the best thing to be most proud of for the Reunion was Dwight Jones, Class of '64. Dwight was the one who sent in the following fact about himself:

I quit smoking as of June the 29, 2004 after 41 years.

The above photo is of Dwight (L) being presented his prize by Niles Pestage, Class of '65. Way to go Dwight!
Maybe the shrit is a hint...who's the Classsmate and his wife?
Above is a shot from last week's $1,500 check presentation for Lee High School's library. It was presented by Niles Prestage, Class of '65 on behalf of the alumni of '64-'65-'66 at the School Board Meeting to Ms. Chun, the new Lee Principal. She graduated from Council High in '66. Somehow she looks much younger!

Below is an article extracted from The Huntsville Times on some changes taking place at Lee.

Lee has a neat idea:
Tuck in those shirts, cover your shoulders
Monday, September 05, 2005
Huntsville Times

Administration plans to strictly enforce dress code

Fashion is important to teens, but there are some styles that won't be allowed at Lee High this year.

The school's administration plans to strictly enforce the city school system's dress code this year. That means girls must have their shoulders covered and cannot wear sleeveless shirts of any kind (not even cap sleeves). Boys are required to tuck in their shirts if the tail is longer than fingertip length.

When talking with students who attend schools where the dress code has been strictly enforced, many say they have adapted. However, for those students attending schools where the dress code has been looser, it's harder to adjust.

Dr. Wanda Doss, assistant principal at Lee, talked with the students in an assembly about why the school was going to be enforcing the dress code. "These clothes are appropriate for your outings with friends," she said, "but they are not what's considered appropriate for school."

What this means for average high school students is they revert back to those days when they had a set of "play clothes" and "school clothes."

Before, you had two sets of clothes because your parents wanted to make sure you had nice, neat clothes for school. Now, teens need the two categories to make sure the dress code is followed.

And there's actually nothing wrong with that.

A strict school dress code is just preparation for the real world. In a professional setting, you wouldn't wear the same thing that you would wear on an outing with friends, so why not practice now?
Lee Happenings!
Woody Beck, Class of '65  - That's Traylor Island with Pin Hook creek to the left and the go-cart track to the right, and the skating rink in the lower center.

Johnny Sharp, Class of '64 - The 1962 aerial photo was taken over Memorial Parkway.  The Alabama Pool Company is to the left (west) of the Parkway and Traylor Island is to the right (east) side.  You can see the old bridge, over Pinhook Creek, that was the access to Traylor Island.  I recognize Traylor Music Company, Carter's Skateland, the go cart track and the old bowling alley. You can even see a train sitting on the railroad track just southeast of Traylor Island.  A great, old memories photo, which did bring back a lot of memories!  A lot of our classmates should get this one as easily as I did.  Keep on keepin' on!

George Vail, Class of '66 - And the answer is:  Traylor Island!!  I see Huntsville's Spring Branch, the Southern RR track, and Memorial Pkwy.  1962  I was two years away from arrival in Alabama living in Vestal, NY.  Shortly after moving here my interests turned to music and  I spent some time browsing  Traylor Music Store. Even today I have a connection with this piece of real estate,  in the SE corner of the photo is now where the company I work for has an equipment and storage yard. 

Jim Myrick, Class of '66 - Is the '62 Huntsville picture a shot of Traylor Island, home of Carter's Skate Land, a go cart track and assorted really dark places to park?

Don Wynn, Class of '67 - The photo is of Traylor Island which was just north of Clinton Avenue on Memorial Parkway.  We spent some time at the go kart track which is visible in the photo.  I-565 took the entire area about 1995.

Jeff Fussell, Class of '66 - You should get a flood of replies on this one! Most of us regularly crossed the Pinhook Creek bridge to Traylor Island back in the in the day. No way that Traveller visitors could forget Carter's Skateland, but I had forgotten about the go-kart track next door (figuratively speaking).  Those that went there - like me- may remember that, if you got on the good side of the attendants, you could get a kart that had the engine's governor "tweaked" (if not completely disconnected). Yee-ha!!!

Kevin Rice, Class of '71 - Trayor Island.....?
Home of the famous Carter Skateland, Go-cart track and bowling lanes, Pin Palace? I kept looking at the track and the one way entrance over  water off a main road, won't but one 4 lane in Hsv. and the wide pavement loop.We use to get dropped at Carter's on Sat. afternoon and picked up bout 10:00p.m. good baby sister.  Our Dad worked with Mr. Carter at the Times......sooooo Mrs. Carter new my name and was QUICK to blast over the PA system,"Kevin Rice, slow down, no pushing, leave those girls alone," at most any opportunity. Thanks for ya'll's time and effort!

(Editor's Note: The bowling alley was not Pin Palace - what was it reader's? And which classmate has a special tie to that rink?)

John Fulda, Class of '64 - The Picture seem to be of the old Trailer or Traylor (not sure of the spelling) area.  They had a music store there and a rental business and a few others.

Rod Dixon, Class of '69 - Yes I am Greg's cute little brother.  It took a moment to register because I knew that go-kart track.  Spent many a Sunday afternoon there,  at Carters Skateland and later working for Teleprompter Cable TV in the old Starlight Bowl building.  It's Traylor Island and it is still there, it just has I565 sitting on top of it!

Walt Thomas, Class of '64 - Looks like Traylor Island, where James "Goose" Shelton ran wild on the go cart track from time to time.

Dwight Clark, Class of '64 -You consider that hard?  That would be Traylor Island with Carter's Skateland at the southern end and going counter clockwise, the go cart track I think, and the Traylor Island Music Store. I think the building at northern end is offices with a State Farm agent in one of them.

Steve Cook, Class of '66 - The picture shown looks like Traylor Island.  That real estate site gave way to I-565 progress. As you remember the world famous Carter's Skateland is in the bottom of the picture next to  the go cart  business .... the name escapes me. To the North of Carter Skateland was Traylor Music Center along with Office Supply Company and Allied Photo. The Traylor Island complex was also home to many of the aerospace contractors such as Hayes and GE.
Thanks for the memories.

Collins (CE) Wynn, Class of '64 -Trayler Island off the east side of North Parkway before University Drive.  Home of Carter’s Skateland.  The glasses looking (that’s not English either, is it?) object on the right of Skateland was the go cart track.  Man we sure had some fun on those go carts – whizzing around at 20mph but feeling like we were doing 80.  We did a good bit of “combat racing” with the object being to send our friends home with splitting headaches after ramming them a few times.  Harold Tuck and Lynn Baeder were very good at this.  It seems I recall some tampolines there as well but that could have been the golf driving range out on Governor’s Drive near Butler High.  The ones I remember were mounted level with the ground over open pits some 5 or 6 feet deep; apparently the intent was to keep some fool knuckleheaded high school kid from killing himself.  Aaaah, I was just thinking that was a chauvinistic way to state that but, on the other hand, I never saw a girl on a trampoline.

J.R. Brooks, Class of 1964 -There's no missing the identity of those three for anyone in the Class of 1964.  They are Donald Blaise, Milton Shelton and Dale Thompson.

Gale Thompson, Class of '64 - The three guys that are pictured are Dale Thompson  Melton shelton  Donald Blaise.  One of those guys I have know for years, since he is my twin brother, and he was having a good time.

Johnny Sharp, Class of '64 - The 2005 Reunion, friday night, colorful Mystery Classmates are Ronald Blaise, Milton Shelton and Dale Thompson.  (I'm pretty sure that's Ronald and not Donald on the left)

(Editor's Note: Sorry, Johnny, I guess you still can't tell them is Don.)

Collins (CE) Wynn, Class of ‘64 - The mystery photo would be Don Blaise on the left and Dale Thompson on the right – but I recognize them only because we talked on Saturday night.  The real mystery is the guy in the blue shirt – none other than my Best Man and eternal friend; the founder and President for Life of the Goose Gang; proud driver of the Blue Goose; discoverer and interpreter of the 8 Point Circle; and my car crash partner; James (Jim or, I prefer, Goose) Shelton late of Lincoln Village and Lee High School.  Of course,,,, I could be wrong!
The Classmates are Craig Bannecke and Dr. John Drummond!

Caption:  "Craig, this HAS to be the STUPIDEST Harmonica I've EVER tried to play!! - Bobby Cochran, Class of '64.

Caption : "... $10,000, small unmarked bills in a brown paper bag or these photos of you doing the alligator go to the New England Journal of Medicine." - Jim Bannister, Class of '66

Caption: "Hey John, look at this neat water squirting camera I got at Grand New's Stand. All I have to do is press this button and it catches some poor sucker completely unaware...look real close now! Ready?" - Tommy Towery, Class of 64

Caption:  “I don’t know John, I’ve looked through these glasses and over the glasses and still can’t tell what I’m lookin’ at!” - Skip Cook, Class of '64.
Subject:Google Earth Website
George Vail
Class of '66

Tommy, thanks for the info on that site last week.  I've spent the last few days flying the country on it.  Grand Canyon was  very interesting.  I flew over Traylor Island, too. This is going to be alot of fun!!!!!!  This fly-over dated the aerial photos.  By the configuration of our yard I would say it was March or April 2002. Thanks again, Tommy for all you do!!!   Oh, Go Generals!!!

John Fulda
Class of '64

Please pass along to CE Wynn and John Turrentine that we're glad that Katrina spared them both!

Subject:Reunion Handbooks
Kathy Harris Jones
Class of '66

I am working on the mailout of the handbooks to those classmates who paid but did not come. Here is the list that I have compiled from the unclaimed

Slyvia Becks Blaylock
Butch Adcock
Bobby Cochran
Milton Shelton

Faye McAnnally France
Dennis Hollingsworth
Randy Sherrill

Lewis Brewer
Danny Webster
Janice Mitchell Honeycutt
Layton Spry
Julius "Chip" Smoak
Bryan Towery

If you know of others, please let me know.  And if you think any of these were actually there and got a handbook, please let me know that too.

We have some extra handbooks if anyone would like to purchase one.  Please send $5.00 to:

Lee High Handbooks
P O Box 527
Huntsville AL  35804

and I'll gladly put one in the mail.   If there are questions, please email me at

Subject:Correction on Last Week's Mystery
Carol Dees Gilbreath
Class of ''68

My husband and I are in the photo: Sammy L. Gilbreath (class of ’66) and Carol (not Connie) Dees Gilbreath (class of ’68). Sammy and I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion and look forward to the next one! FYI: My older sister, Connie Dees, married Jimmy Rigsby.

(Editor's Note: We corrected it as soon as we got this e-mail, but if you checked it earlier than that, then please note the correction.)

Subject:After the reunion and the storm
Chip Smoak
Class of '66

I hope those who attended the reunion, to use a south Louisiana expression, "passed a good time".  I wish that I could have been there but I had to clean out a house. The heat and humidity added to my wish to have been with you that weekend.  You had a lot more fun than I did.

I look forward to the next reunion and plan to make a special effort to attend.  I encourage all those that did not attend this reunion to make a special effort to attend the next one.  The fun is greater with more attendees.

Quit whining C. E.  The exercise will do you good.  Judy is just trying to keep you young and flexible.  Just don't fall off the ladder - it's not like falling of the wagon.  Thank you and Judy, C.E. for helping the people from New Orleans.  They really need all the help they can get and you and Judy are great examples of the fine alumni and members of the Fami-Lee.

Jennifer White Bannecke, Class of ' 66, submitted this photo for our best caption contest. Before you send it "I've fallen and I can't get up!" has already been suggested.

Last Week's Huntsville in 1962 Contest
This Week's Huntsville in 1962 Contest
We had 14 guys respond to last week's Huntsville in 1962 Mystery Place, and not one gal! What's up? Is this a man thing, looking at maps and satellite photos? Anyway, here's the second installment from the photo and I don't think it will be quite as hard as the first one, but then the first one did not seem hard to most of you. It's a little more blurry, but still it should be recognizable. What is it?
The Go Cart Track
by Tommy Towery
Class of '64

I had forgotten all about the go cart track on Traylor Island until I saw that aerial photo, and then many memories came back to me.The incident I remember the most was that Bob Walker and I and maybe a few others were out riding one night and out of nowhere the sky opened up and we were hit with a major downpour. The track was coverered with rubber from all those soft tires squeeling around the turns, and when the water hit the track it became as slick as ice. The cars took on minds of their own and started spinning around like throwing pennies on a frozen pond. I know I made two complete 360 spins before I left the track and hit a bale of hay that was used as a safety barrier on one of the turns. We were wet, dizzy, and laughing our heads off when we left the track that night. Wow, what a ride. It was one that I thought I'd never forget, but I had until I saw the photo of the track again.