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1.  If you are a new visitor please click on "Join the Mailing List" to e-mail us with your name, class year and e-mail address so that the Traveller Staff can contact you.  This list is not available to everyone, just your classmates.

2.  If you need to change your e-mail address, also click on "Join the Mailing List" and put in your new address and make a note in the comments that this is a new address and to please remove the old address.

3.  If you want to see the e-mail address of your Classmates, click on "View the Mailing List" and you will see the complete list we have collected for '64-'65-'66.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this list.  Click on the "Get Adobe Reader" button to obtain this free program.
   Note: The list is sorted by first name.

4.  If you want to send something to the entire list, e-mail the editor and explain what you want to send and why.  We do not allow just anyone to send out a bulk mailing.
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