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MEMPHIS, TN. - I hope all of you had a happy and safe journey into the new year.

As usual, this week, we remember and honor those classmates who we lost last year - it was way too many again.

Here's a wish that this coming year is good to you and your families. Remember we are Fami-Lee.

Please include your class year with your e-mails.
T. Tommy
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Mission Statement

Our primary audience is the members of the Lee High School Classes of ’64-’65-’66.  We will accept inputs from other classes, teachers, and visitors from other schools including stories, photos, and e-mails if they relate to the members of those classes or the era or location where they grew up.

Our primary goal is entertainment and to have fun. We do not desire to offend any person or group, but we will not let political correctness cause an unnecessary hardship.

While the editor is the person primarily responsible for publishing the paper, the rest of the staff will assist with ideas and suggestions.  Basically, if your name is on the masthead then you have a right to discuss content, since the other members of the class consider you a part of The Traveller staff.

Anyone can send in an article to be considered for publication.

If any staff writer or contributor writes an article that includes information about another person, then it is that writer’s responsibility to insure that the person will not be upset about what is written.  It does not have to be “pre-approved” but in most cases each person knows the feelings of the person they are writing about.

The purpose of most articles will be to inform and inspire. We want articles that will make our classmates relate to the subject and force them to remember common things.  A good article will include as many names, events, and items that other classmates remember and if possible some visual aid should be included. Some articles will be designed to show that we are not dead yet, and to let our classmates know that there is still a lot of living to do. We want a lot of humor in our lives, and the more we can add the better. The primary goal of most articles is to encourage feedback from other classmates with similar stories or to enhance or expand on the idea. Of course, death notices, sick family, etc. will be the exceptions.

For memories of most music, entertainment, events, etc. we should try to use 1966 as the cutoff.  If that is not possible, at least try to relate what we write to that time, such as going to a concert today for someone we listened to back in school, or something that happened in college or afterward, but with a classmate from school.  Lee High School and Huntsville in general are our most common bonds for the entire group. Most of our readers are entertained by the things that happened from 1st grade to the time of their graduation.  Political and religious controversial topic should be avoided. Churches and patriotic memories are okay, but we do not want this site to become a place for debate over political candidates, parties, legal issues, and things like that.

Lest We Forget
by Tommy Towery
Class of '64

In Memory of
The '64-'65-'66 Classmates We Lost
or Learned About the Loss in 2010
Sheila Carroll Jandebeur
Class of '66
Aug. 23, 1948 - Jan. 17, 2010
Cheryl Gallagher
Class of '66
Died Feb. 3, 2010
This Week's
Mystery Photo
John Marvin “Butch” Cryder
Class of '66
January 5, 1946 - February 22, 2010
Mary Elaine Kemp
Class of '64
Died November, 2007
Ernest Ritch
Class of '65
Dec. 31, 1946 - May 19, 2010
Linda Schneider Arndt
Class of '66
Oct 25, 1948 - May 21, 2010
This week we offer up a lovely lady from our past, who served as the symbol of a product we used a lot of in my own household. Can you identify the product? Class year with answers please.
Above are the classmates we know that we lost in 2010, or learned of their loss in 2010. There may be others that we did not hear about.

You can see the information we have on their passings by clicking on the Info button below each name. Make sure you use the BACK button on your browser to return to this page.
Dr. Henry M."Hooker" Shuey
Class of 1966
1948 - 2010
Bob Crump
Class of '66
1948 - 2010
Several Classmates Lose Family Members Last Week

Mabel Schultz
July 09, 1918 - Dec. 23, 2010
(Published in The Huntsville Times
December 26, 2010)

Mabel Holder Schultz, 92, of Huntsville passed away Thursday. Mrs. Schultz was a native of Huntsville and a lifelong member of First Baptist Church of Huntsville. She was a 1937 graduate of Huntsville High School. Mrs. Schultz was preceded in death by her husband, William Hans Schultz.

Survivors include two sons, Jerry W. Schultz of Huntsville, and Joe Martin Schultz of Texas; one daughter, Judy S. Fleming of Huntsville; seven grandchildren; and 17 great-grandchildren.

Visitation will be from 4 to 6 p.m. today at Laughlin Service Funeral Home. The funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Monday from the graveside at Maple Hill Cemetery with Dr. Ed Culpepper officiating. Burial will be in Maple Hill Cemetery.

Agnes Adcock
Dec. 15, 1922 - Dec. 29, 2010
(Published in The Huntsville Times
December 31, 2010)

Agnes C. Adcock, 88, of Huntsville passed away Wednesday.

She was preceded in death by her daughter, Carol Hajos.

She is survived by three sons, Butch Adcock, Greg Adcock, and Mark Adcock; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Visitation will be from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, followed by a 2:30 p.m. chapel service. Interment will be at Maple Hill Cemetery.
Carolyn Burgess Featheringill, Class of '65 - I have a strong hunch that your mystery band consists of Gudrun Wagner Klauss -'65 and Rainer Klauss -'64.  From their picture in the Christmas 2010 snow with their handsome son Lucas, it's obvious that they've been making beautiful music together for a lifetime!  Happy new year, and thank you as always for keeping us a Fami-Lee!

Skip Cook, Class of '64 - Could the mystery couple caught in the middle of a smokin' hot rendition of Lady of Spain possibly be Gudrun Wagner and Rainer Ernst Frederick Klauss?

Judy Bills Tate, Class of '65 - I do believe Gudrun Wagner Klauss and Rainer Klauss are the dynamic duo in the photo!

Subject:Fruit Cakes
Dink Hoillingsworth
Class of '65

On the subject of Claxton Fruit Cakes, like many I have felt there are no new Fruit Cakes, the ones that are in homes have been regifted over and over for years.  To test this theory, in early November I found a plastic container at WalMart that held a Claxton perfectly.  I packaged three of these and sent one each to addresses in Birmingham and two in Tennessee along with a note asking that each of these be forwarded on and at each stop, I requested an email be sent back telling me which cake they received (They were numbered 1,2 and 3), the date they received it and what city they were in.  The last receipant on Christmas Eve could keep the cake and serve it.

The emails stopped arriving around December 15 with one cake in Florida, one in Oklahoma the the third in Oregon.
One Last Look Back At
The 2010 Memorial Tribute
From the Reunion