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Lee Generals' Souvenir Shop

1964 - 1965 -1966 Lee High School Yearbooks

Lost your Yearbook? 

          I have scanned the entire 1964 - 65 - 66 yearbooks and put them on CD-ROMs.  Each CD has all the pictures in Microsoft Word 2000 and Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you don't have either of those programs, each page is also scanned as a JPG image which you can open with any web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, or most image software packages.
          Please note that I scanned my own 1964 personal yearbook and Cherri Polly Massey's 65 and 66, so they include what many of classmates wrote in them, and where they signed their names.

          The price is $10.00 for each yearbook, or $25 for all three as a set.


Y2K Reunion Photographs

          Want photos of the August 18-19, 2000 Reunion for the Classes of 1964-65-66?  To help support this website, we have for sale a CD-ROM of 266 high resolution digital images taken during the Friday night social, the Saturday night dance, and the Sunday morning breakfast.
          These photos are 3.3 Megapixles each, some of the highest quality digital pictures available today.   Each image is almost 900 Mbytes and therefore almost impossible to post on the web site and give the quality they have.  Together they occupy 231.5 Megabytes! They are candid JPG  photos taken of groups and individuals, and can be printed out on your own printer and give remarkable quality prints.

          These photos are so big that I cannot even upload a sample on this website, but to get an idea, I have posted some scaled down versions to the left.  These images don't hold a candle to the real ones.

          The price for the CD-ROM is $10.00


Reunion Video Tapes

          We have video tapes available from the last three reunions, the 1990, 1995, and 2000 get togethers.  These are tapes taken during the reunion of the activities and the people there. 

          The price is $10 per tape, or all three for $25.


Year 2000 Reunion Directory

    We have the Directory with names and addresses that was created for the Year 2000 Reunion for sale for $4.00.


A Million Tomorrows
(Memories of the Class of 1964)

           The book written about his senior year at Lee High School by Tommy Towery is available for $10.00

The Top Hats of Dixie

The music on this Audio CD was recorded in 1965 and transferred to CD by someone.  It is available for $12.50  Now $7.50

The Lee High Band (Orange Bowl Album)
    Released in 1963 to raise money for the Orange Bowl Trip. Now on CD for $5.00